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Tips on Moving Out of Your Self Storage Space

Moving Out

Tips on Moving Out of Your Self Storage Space Self-storage can be a great way to put your unused possessions in a safe place, particularly if you’re moving or have some other life circumstance that means you can’t have them all with you in your home. But self-storage always comes to an end, and that will mean unpacking your unit and moving out. Moving out of your storage space may seem like a daunting task. The good news is, it can be quite manageable. How To Move Out Of Your Storage Space Moving out of your self-storage space means taking everything out, loading it onto a vehicle, and carting it away. Let’s break that down into separate tasks, and take a look at each one. Rent or Use a Moving Van / Truck A moving van or truck is a good way to move your possessions. You’ll need a vehicle big enough to handle even your largest possessions—think about furniture, such as dressers, couches, and beds. Another reason to get a moving van or truck is that it will make for fewer total vehicle-loads. Unpacking a storage unit and putting everything into a vehicle takes time and trouble, but you can cut down on both time and trouble if you rent a large vehicle that can handle everything in fewer loads. Use a Platform Truck Dolly A platform truck dolly can be a tremendous life-saver when it comes to moving large, heavy items, particularly furniture. There are numerous designs, and if your storage facility doesn’t have one or more on hand you can probably buy, rent, or borrow one without too much trouble or expense. A platform truck dolly will make it much easier to get heavy, bulky items from your storage facility into your vehicle. Some of these items may cause serious injury if you try to move them with muscle power alone. Your knees and your back will thank you for using a dolly. ...

Chris Threet
July 13th, 2021